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Disclaimer:  The Maryland Congress of Parents and Teachers, LLC membership is open to any school or educational based Parent Organization that would like to become a member.

.Membership Tiers

Individual $125 Basic $250 Bronze $410 Silver $495 Gold $645 Platinum $750 Principals, Parents, Advisory Council $800

501c(3) Status under Group Exemption

General Liability Insurance

Access to General Workshops and Panels

Access to Membership Platform, Text To Stop It, BenefitHub

Other Publications

Discounts in Stores and other Marketing Promos

Advocacy Support

D & O Insurance

Priority Registration to Workshops and Events

Eligibility to Sponsor in Statewide Competitions and Scholarships

Consultant Referrals

Technology Discounts

Crime Insurance

Leadership Coaching

Nonprofit Consulting

Amazon Business and Smile Accounts

GuideStar Registration

Access to Applicable Grants

MCPT host your Back to School Nights and Events

Personalized Fundraising  that goes directly to your organization

Monthly Reports




*Please note all Membership Tiers except the Individual Membership includes your organizations insurance the insurance packages vary. Each package Tier includes more benefits, services provided plus the previous levels package*

All membership tier packages and the benefits can be explained by an Maryland Conference of Parents and Teachers, Inc. Team Member.

Depending on the type of membership your Parent Organization is looking for, we have different tiers to accommodate all Parent Organizations. Call or email for information regarding membership and benefits.

Phone: 410-760-6221